VECTOR Ltd. was registered in 1989 under the clauses of then acting Decree 56 as a general partnership of citizens and is wholly privately owned.
    It was transformed into Limited Liability Company with 100% private shares by a decision of the Lovech District Court on February 15, 1994, with its Headquarters at 34 Lyuben Karavelov Str., Troyan with business activities in production and engineering in the field of synthetic materials, machine-building, chemistry, trade and services, trading and foreign trade. Owners are Minko Topalski and Bozidar Tzvetanov. The company is managed by Minko Vasilev Topalski.
    Since 1992 VECTOR Ltd. actively entered in the field of adhesives and paints and by using raw materials and executing the prescriptions of the German company CLARIANT achieved stable presence on the domestic and foreign markets.
The company has over 3000 clients in Bulgaria. Headquarters, production facilities and the management are located in Troyan. There are additional offices and warehouses at Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Kyustendil and distributors in all major cities in the country.
The company employs 60 persons, including 11 University graduates and has two production facilities at Troyan and the village of Cherni Osam. The Development Department and the Laboratory have developed and implemented in production more than 50 products available in over 30 types of packages in the field of adhesives and water-soluble paints which are offered on the market as the best quality to price ratio.
VECTOR Ltd. holds registered trade marks of itís whole range of products, 4 of which are registered overseas.
    The annual production and sales of the company is over 5000 tons of paints, adhesives and building materials, sold both domestically and overseas.
    The major suppliers of raw materials are HOECHST (Germany), DOW (Germany), OMYA (Austria), CLARIANT (Germany), CLARIANT-BOIA (Turkey), COGNIS (Germany), BAYER Germany, SCHENECTADY EUROPE SAS (France),  ņOLIN (Senovo, Bulgaria), BROSS (Varna, Bulgaria), BRENTAG (Sofia, Bulgaria), COGNIS (Greece) and others under long term agreements.

    Since 2002 the company holds certified quality assurance system ISO 9001:2000; LRQA-No 368115.
All products of the company are approved by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works for utilization in the civil building and granted permission to issue Conformity Declaration.
    The company specialized in production of adhesives, coats, paints, hydro-insulations and other materials for civil building.

Basic Products:
Adhesive for faience and terracotta "Kamenit". High quality dry adhesive based on cement and polymeric additives (of Clariant, Germany and DOW, USA).  Its application is easy and gratifying; it is prepared quickly and has 30-40 minutes open work time.

Adhesive for civil building — 200. It is based on polyvinyl-acetate dispersion and fillers. Designed for floorings and as an additive to ground coatings and other materials in civil building.

    Adhesives for styropore — 450 and Kamenit LS. Designed for sticking of heat-insulating systems and styropore netting in civil building. They have increased strength characteristics and plasticity, very good adhesion to the styropore and the base and donít crack.
Adhesive for cellular concrete Kamenit GB. Based on cement, finely ground sand and polymeric additives which makes it very strong and convenient in masonry and ground coating of bricks and other products of cellular concrete. Extremely good quality at extremely low price.
Adhesive for wallpapers KMC. Especially designed for high quality applications of different types of wallpapers. Quick and wholly water soluble and provide perfect adhesion.
    Adhesive for cork H1
    Adhesive for PVC tubing and connections PVC.
Water soluble paints for internal painting Latex B and Colarit 1. High quality water-dispersion paints for internal painting with increased whiteness developed by acrylic dispersions from CLARIANT and chalk from OMIA, Austria.
    Water soluble paint for external painting FASADEN B and Colarit 2. Based on UV-and  direct atmospheric effects- resistant water soluble raw materials and products of leading European companies, the external paintings of VECTOR are preferred by many development companies in Bulgaria.
    Polymeric water-resistant coating for styropore insulations and external fronts Plastovect PB and Plastovect PR. A modern solution for your front. Resistant to sun-rays and direct effect of snow and rain, these coatings show extreme resistance to rubbing and mechanical wearing out. Different application methods give uniqueness and beauty of the front of your home.
    Hydro-insulations for roofs, ground-works, external walls and coatings Hydrolat X3, Hydrosil and others. Based on high quality special polymers and additives they guarantee secure and long-term protection against moisture, snow, rain, capillary moisture and direct atmospheric effects. The best solution for moistening, leaks and water containers.
Rapid binding adhesives for wood (water-resistant) C300, C320,  for parquet C250 and foiling of wood planes with PVC foil C400.

    Adhesives for labels on glass C10 and polyethylene C11.

    In 2002 VECTOR Ltd. Started production and released on the market high quality Silicate paint for fronts of buildings, based on natural inorganic mineral materials and additives.

    Under sample examinations is the latest product EPOVIT-PLASTIC. Plastic substance of epoxy resin, hardener and appropriate fillers after it is molded could fill in different cracks, pores and holes, to adhere heterogeneous materials or to strengthen and to stick together broken objects. It hardens in 15-20 minutes and shows iron strength in 24 hours.

    Distributor of oil paints, polyurethane foams, silicones, painting brushes and rolls.


5800 Troian, P. O. BOX. 122,  34 L. Karavelov str., Bulgaria
tel: (+ 0359 670) 60 599, 60 225 - 228, fax:  (+ 0359 670) 60 227, GSM: + 0359 887 525 676

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