Dear Gentleman,
As you already know, kWpower produces its own branded Solar panel, named kWp230P as well as distributes a wide range of Solar PV systems material.

    Regarding our module kWp230P,  beside the top quality technical features, Id like to underline the unique advantages of our new product:
We have an exclusive coverage of the guarantees offered by insurance, included in the module price.
    This means that  WE COVER WITH a PREPAID INSURANCE through a leading assurance company the goodness of our own produced module!
    The assurance covers defects of the product (up to 10 years) and the loss of efficiency of the module (90% of efficiency for 10 years and 80% for 25 years).

    Please find for your convenience attached file with actual prices for our own produced module and also for other TOP quality European PV modules that we distribute.
    Note that we dont apply competitive prices only for large quantities but we give you the best price for your needed quantity !

    If you do have any specific need or project, also for quantities higher than 1MW, please contact me in order to make you the right quotation based on your needs.
    We do have availability in stock and we are able to deliver  also large quantities within few weeks. Our monthly production capacity is now 10 MW.

    Please visit our Website to get latest information on all the items we produce and distribute. Bulgarian language now available.
We apply a great discount and have some promotions on the following items: Inverters, Wind energy, Solar Thermal systems and fixing/mounting structure.

Giovanni Canzano

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